We have over 8 years experience in Civil and Earthworks services.

John Habib

Company CEO

We deliver innovation in our thinking. Value to our clients. And opportunities to our people.

Our diverse team, including an experienced team of engineers and sitespecialists, delivers the very best project outcomes through our core values.

This strong customer focus ensures clients receive exceptional outcomes without compromising on safety, quality, or an environmentally sustainable future.

Why we’re different

Private and public infrastructure projects are often complex, with many moving parts.

GLC makes it simple.

Streamlined, comprehensive solutions

We’re part of a group of specialist construction companies, which include formwork services and waste removal. This means our clients benefit from:

  • On-time project delivery with a strong commitment to cost-saving, resource optimisation, and
  • Rigour with safety, environmental protection, and quality.

A forward-thinking, sustainable focus

Our ability to deliver maximum outcomes with minimal environmental impact is evident with demolition and our other services.

Highly process-driven, we minimise waste generation via separation from the source and recycling of as many materials as possible.


In 2006, we were running the still-operational family-owned Tower Group Projects Formwork company.

We seized the opportunity to hire a single 1.7-tonne excavator, and withthat, GLC Civil Projects was born. Discontent with the wasteful nature of the construction industry,we set out to do things differently.

What if waste materials from construction sites could be reused instead of getting dumped?

In partnership with our sister company, Pronto Bins, GLC Civil developed a method of efficiently separating and then recycling as many materials as possible from our earthwork, excavation and demolition projects.

Environmental sustainability and a greener future for the construction industry

As pioneers for a greener future for the global construction industry, we hope that others will follow our example.

Today, we operate environmentally aware civil construction projects across all of NSW, Queensland and beyond, with our expert, dedicated team of industry professionals who genuinely care about the world we’re leaving behind for thegenerations to come.

With thousands of successful projects under our belts, a team of over 200 skilled workers and a large fleet of trucks and machinery, GLC is leading construction towards a better, brighter future.

We’re ready to help you with your next Civil Construction Project today.

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Our work and our team are guided by our core principles of:


We don’t leave the mess to someone else to clear up – wherever we can, and, using our partnerships, we remove and recycle materials – we care about the future of our environment.


Developing innovative project solutions and keeping up to date with evolving technology ensures we deliver best of breed construction outcomes.


Staying on top of all regulatory or legislative changes,combined with ourcommitment to providing practical and economical client solutions, ensures we stand behind our work.


We exceed client expectations through ongoing professional development, process improvement, and quality workmanship.

Our Visión

Our vision is to grow along with our clients by exceeding their expectation in every project while building strong and lasting relationships. We will position our company among the top best civil contractors in Australia by building on the platform we have constructed over the las 10 years.

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Our Team


our team

We are looking for talented & driven people to come work with us.
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ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety

We have a strong safety-first culture, with the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community as our priority.

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management Systems

Our policies, procedures, and processes are designed to prevent pollution, promote waste minimisation, and ensure recycling; we are a truly committed, environmentally sustainable business.

ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Management Systems

Our policies, procedures, and processes are designed to prevent pollution, promote waste minimisation, and ensure recycling; we are a truly committed, environmentally sustainable business.


With GLC a member of the Civil Contractors Federation NSW, rest assured that we are agile and responsive to change, ensuring all works are delivered ethically and to evolving legal requirements.


Tower Group

With extensive experience in construction and formwork, Tower Group delivers innovative, durable and compliant solutions in engineered, timber and concrete formwork.

Pronto Bins

One of Sydney’s leading waste removal specialists, Pronto Bins specialises in the environmentally friendly management, removal, disposal, and recycling of construction and demolition works.

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